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Teak Afforestation, Mexico

Afforestation project with sustainable timber production

Project Type: Natural climate solutions, Afforestation/Reforestation

Standards: VCS

Located across the States of Chiapas, Nayarit and Tabasco, the project covers 4,270 hectares and will expand by an additional 1,200 hectares each year. This afforestation project creates plantations to obtain high-value, long-lived timber products and to sequester large amounts of carbon dioxide on land that is adjacent to cattle farming. This contributes to climate change mitigation while simultaneously meeting the growing demand for quality wood products from well managed plantation forests. The sustainable timber plan is for Teak, a species that has the best growth of tropical wood, and it has resistance to fire and pests. No irrigation will be used, since all of the water required by the plantation will be obtained through rainfall. The project seeks to demonstrate that forest plantations are a viable instrument to encourage private investment in the forestry sector and afforestation projects in local communities, especially on degraded lands.

Tropical forest regrowth is often rapid, and results in impressive rates of carbon sequestration.

Project Drawdown
Sustainable Development Goals

In addition to delivering over 100,000 tonnes of emissions removals each year to take climate action (SDG 13), the project delivers another benefit:

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth: This project brings tree plantation and afforestation activities to local communities which provide employment opportunities that include social insurance.
  • Life on Land: This project promotes sustainable forest management and contributes to increasing afforestation rates globally.
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