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Rural Clean Cooking, China

A closed-loop solution providing clean energy to smallholder farmers in China through biogas clean cooking

Project overview

  • Region: Asia

  • Project type: Household devices, Renewable energy

  • Standards: Gold Standard

These Gold Standard projects support low income farmers in rural areas across central and southern China by using their farm animal waste to create clean and affordable energy. The projects install small biodigesters which convert the waste from farm pigs and waste from the household into biogas. The gas is captured and used for cooking and heating - a closed loop solution to providing clean energy, which replaces coal, saving money and reducing indoor air pollution. In addition to the biodigester avoids methane emissions from the normal pit that is used to dispose of manure and it produces an effective fertiliser which can be used on the land. 

Sustainable Development Goals

In addition to reducing emissions to combat climate change (SDG13), these projects provide a number of other sustainable development benefits, including:

  • Affordable and Clean Energy: Biogas provides a sustainable and free energy source which replaces the need to purchase coal.
  • Good Health and Wellbeing for People: The biogas burns cleanly and doesn't produce the ash or smoke associated with coal, leading to reduced indoor air pollution and improving the health for households.
  • Clean Water and Sanitation: The biodigesters provide a much more effective way to remove household and animal waste, removing the sanitation problems that are associated with the pits that are otherwise used.

These projects provide households with a circular, clean cooking solution, reducing the pollution and costs of using coal.