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I-REC Santos Wind Power

Supporting Brazil's renewable energy ambition by harnessing wind energy to power 86,000 households and generate 311,000 I-RECs each year

Project overview

  • Region: Latin America

  • Project type: Renewable energy

  • Standards: I-REC

This wind power project delivers zero emissions renewable electricity to the Brazilian Interconnected Grid. It is composed of three wind farms in Trairí City, Ceará State, Brazil. The total project has a capacity of 64 MW across 32 turbines, and generates approximately 311,000 MWh of clean, renewable electricity each year.

Sustainable Impacts
  • Energy access
  • Job creation
  • Energy access: According to the Electric Power Trade Chamber, between August and December 2015, the installed capacity increased by 23% with 56 new wind farms. Clean electricity generated by this project displaces electricity which would otherwise be powered by fossil fuels
  • Job creation: The wind farm has contributed to the local economy and livelihood of residents through the creation of jobs. During the construction period, full-time operational roles and temporary jobs were created for commissioning and power infrastructure

By the end of 2019, Brazil expects to have 18 GW of wind power in operation, which could make it the sixth-largest wind power market in the world