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We have partnered with more than 350 projects in 32 countries, delivering emission reductions, building renewable energy demand and supporting low carbon sustainable development.

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We work with more than 300 clients in 33 countries to ensure their environmental programmes deliver value for their business.

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UK Forest Creation: The Woodland Carbon Code

The opportunity to fund forest creation in a range of locations throughout the UK

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Project overview

  • Region: Europe

  • Project type: Forestry and landscapes

  • Standards:

UK Forest Creation projects are delivered under the Woodland Carbon Code, meaning they deliver measured environmental and social benefits which are independently verified. Funding UK Forest Creation enables you to include the carbon benefits in your company’s greenhouse gas calculations while also contributing to the UK’s emission reduction goals.

Projects are available in a range of locations throughout England, Scotland and Wales.  

UK Forest Creation: The Woodland Carbon Code

Additional Benefits

The Woodland Carbon Code is the only standard of its kind in the UK, enabling businesses to take credible and measurable environmental action on their doorstep.

As well as being an effective way to reduce carbon emissions, forests increase biodiversity, stop pollutants from entering water courses, prevent the erosion of top soil and can act as a natural flood defence.

As an iconic symbol of environmental action, trees and forest creation provides a compelling narrative for customers, staff and other stakeholders.

If the UK can add 23,000 hectares per year of forest creation over the next 40 years, it is estimated that forestry could deliver up to 10% of emissions reductions by 2050.

In addition to carbon emissions reductions, UK forest creation can increase biodiversity, improve water quality, act as a natural flood defence and provide green space for communities.