With 19 years’ experience and a global network of project partners, we work with our clients to deliver high quality solutions that ensure immediate, positive impact on the world’s natural capital.

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Delivering Client Success

We work with more than 300 clients in 33 countries to ensure their environmental programmes deliver value for their business.

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Carbon Emissions

From building reputation for climate leadership, to differentiating from competitors, to engaging staff and stakeholders, reducing carbon emissions delivers positive environmental impact and business value for our clients. We will work with you to create a customised programme that enables you to achieve your emission reduction targets quickly and effectively through results-based carbon finance projects around the world.

Businesses can have peace of mind that when they invest in an offsetting scheme, it will be credible and effective, and can select portfolios that match their broader needs. This is the perfect moment for businesses to jump in.

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A global portfolio of projects

We have contracted more than 20 million tonnes of carbon credits to offset our clients’ emissions from 350 projects in 47 countries. 

Our sourcing team’s global network of project partners means we have unrivalled access to projects being developed around the world. Combined with an extensive due diligence programme to ensure the quality of every project, we provide you with a high quality, customised solution that meets the specific interests and goals of your business.

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Our portfolio of projects is tailored to our specific business interests and goals, and creates long term sustainable development through energy access, conservation of biodiversity and improving health and well-being, while delivering crucial emissions reductions.

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Why carbon offsetting?

Research by Ecosystem Marketplace found that companies which purchase offsets are more engaged in direct emission reduction activities than companies that don’t offset and are five times more likely to have set an internal price on carbon.

By offsetting emissions you can bridge the gap between your reduction target and your internal programme, while also contributing to essential low carbon sustainable development around the world. Research by Imperial College London and the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) found that for every one tonne of carbon offset, $664 of benefits are delivered to communities, infrastructure and biodiversity. 

We can help you with the entire carbon reduction process from emissions assessment, through to establishing your target, reducing emissions and communicating your actions to staff, customers and other stakeholders.

Emissions assessment

Whether you choose to measure emissions for your whole company or for a specific product line, service, or activity such as business travel, we’ll advise you on which emissions you should measure.

Conducted by independent third-party carbon assessors, our assessments follow internationally recognised protocols to quantify your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

For product assessments we work with a specialist supply chain and product assessment partner. Our life cycle assessments identify the total environmental impact of your products from cradle to grave.

About our assessment partners 

For more on how we work with clients to deliver business value and positive impact on the environment, view our infographic on the six steps to climate leadership.

A comprehensive emission reduction solution

We will work with you to identify the most appropriate way to manage your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, and meet a reduction target that delivers positive environmental impact and value to your business.

Our high quality solutions, using results-based carbon finance projects, enable our clients to deliver immediate and measurable positive impact across their direct operations, consumer markets, and supply chains with a tailored portfolio that aligns with their business interests.